The Six Secrets Of Buying Health Insurance

1. Working with an Agent is FREE for you!! YES that is right you do not pay anything extra to work with an agent when selecting A B or C blue cross/other insurance company plan. We are paid by the insurance company and the price is exactly the same for you regardless so our expert advice cost you NOTHING!!!

2. Most agents including myself are Certified to offer insurance on the marketplace and help you through the process. We are paid the exact same commission on whether you buy through the marketplace or straight through the insurance company.

3. You do not have to purchase insurance through the marketplace to have the plan be ACA compliant. The plans on the marketplace for say Blue cross are the same plans you see when you go to blue cross website. They are all ACA compliant. Buy it through the website using an agent, buy it through marketplace using an agent. It is all the same.

4. The marketplace is a great tool for those who more than likely qualify for a subsidy or tax credit. An agent like myself will ask the right questions to find out if that is a possibility or not. Save you the headache of even bothering through the marketplace is you don’t qualify. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy using the marketplace is not worth your time. I would then just help you enroll through the insurance company of your choosing directly and skip the marketplace all together. It is the same price on or off if you DON”T qualify for help.

5. If you do qualify for help the price will be the same whether you try to figure out the marketplace yourself or have an agent help you. The agent is paid commission on the full price of the plan. NOT THE PRICE You pay especially if you are getting extra help. If your premium is $14.00 a month but the full price of the plan is $300.00. The agent makes the same amount of Commission as if you were paying $300.00.. Most agents including myself love to help people on the marketplace if they qualify for help. It is a win win for all.

6. 99% of the time when I have new customers call me confused it’s because they picked the plan themselves without any expert advice. 99% of the time when I look at the plan they picked themselves it is the wrong plan and 99% of the time overpriced. That is right overpriced. Most people when doing it themselves spend more $$$ on their insurance opposed to just seeking the advice of an expert. These people come in all shapes and sizes. Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, working class, retired. The ones regardless of education or social status that pick the plan and do it themselves spent more time figuring out what to do and more $$$ on their premium than those who work with an expert.