Health insurance doesn't have
to be complicated.

Don’t get confused by all the healthcare twist and turns. Call a local expert. We make the process simple, easy and understandable. Call us today! (586) 200-1099. Our services are 100% free!

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Who pays you
when you get sick?

If you can’t work who pays the insurance payments? Millions of Americans still end up filling for bankruptcy even with having health insurance. The reason is many times their illness is a 3 or 4 year battle like cancer, stroke or severe accident. We give an option for you to protect your $$$ and help pay those hospital bills for a low monthly cost.

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With Life Insurance
You are only one Doctor Visit away from being uninsurable.

The fact is most people don’t think about Life insurance until they are sick, dying or someone very close to them is sick and dying. This can be a difficult thing to talk about, however we make it as easy as possible for you. To many people think Life Insurance is too expensive, but many times they are surprised on how much they can afford.

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Find out what choices there are for medicare
insurance in your area.

Is a Medical Supplement plan better for you or an Advantage? Maybe you just need a prescription plan? After answering a few simple short questions Daniel and our Experts can advise you on what may be the best option for you.. The thing about Medicare is everyone’s situation is different..

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How it works?

Coverage in just 3 simple steps.
We listen
to your needs.
Together we match your needs
with a policy that fits your budget
You leave happy
and covered.

Have a question?
Talk to our expert.

If finding high-quality affordable health insurance in Michigan feels like an intimidating task, Daniel at HEC Cares is here to help.

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